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ArtStation Award

[/fancy-ul][fancy-ul icon_type=”standard_dash” color=”Extra-Color-3″ enable_animation=”true”]ArtStation Challenges Award & Honorable mention – design process[/fancy-ul][divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”30″][toggles accordion=”true”][toggle color=”Extra-Color-1″ title=”Table of Contents”]
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1. Overview

[/fancy-ul][fancy-ul icon_type=”standard_dash” color=”Accent-Color” enable_animation=”true”]ArtStation is the leading showcase platform for the games, film, media & entertainment industry

It enables artists to showcase their work in a slick way, to discover new artists and connect with the industry. ArtStation (target group) is used predominantly by the following personas:[/fancy-ul][divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”30″][fancy-ul icon_type=”font_icon” icon=”icon-ok-sign” color=”Extra-Color-1″ enable_animation=”true”]

  • Professional Studio Artists
  • Freelance Artists
  • Aspiring Artists and Students
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3. Awards system

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Each challenge will have 3 winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd place), plus honorable mentions. Winners will receive a certificate, a letter of commendation for winning in an international competition (highly valuable for artists applying for international work visas), an ArtStation award graphic on their ArtStation profiles and a ton of exposure on ArtStation. — Leonard Teo

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ArtStation Challenge Awards

To go with the Challenges, we’re also announcing the ArtStation Challenge Awards. This is a virtual award presented to winners of the challenges. The award is designed by Ivan Santic.

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  • 1st place (Gold award)
  • 2nd place (Silver award)
  • 3rd place (Bronze award)

3.2 Honorable mentions

ArtStation has a picks system which is a combination of community and editorial picks.

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  • A project that is uploaded and has more than 50 likes within 2 weeks of being published is shortlisted.
  • Site admins review the shortlist for quality and make the awards.
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4. Requirements

Design an award that is instantly recognizable and desirable — Leonard Teo

It is a graphic that can be shown on the ArtStation website on an artwork page at a small size to indicate that it is an award. It is a graphic that can be downloaded by the artist and put on his website. It is a graphic that can be used for other purposes such as when applying for a visa they can show prominently that they were awarded a Pick.

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  • Should visually be the ArtStation brand
  • Needs to work on a variety of backgrounds including dark and light backgrounds
  • Should work online/offline
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5. Design guidelines

Define an exquisite industrial design experience, design an award which could be also perceived as next-gen product, equally plausible in both digital and physical medium. Which can be easily manufactured inside the current technology range, one of them being 3D print.

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Plus (+)

  • modular
  • Interlocking parts
  • Color/material/tactile differentiation
  • Stand(alone)
  • 3D print
  • Versatile
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Minus (-)

  • extravagant
  • kit-bashing
  • ornamental
  • cubic
  • sculptural
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6. Design

An entertainment design award with industrial design values

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Initial idea of the project was developed under period of two weeks. It took many weeks more to get to the production level both in terms of renders and overall brand philosophy.

As ArtStation user from the very beginnings, I was already familiar with platform progressive mindset and rapid development process. In that sense, I was already given a lot freedom for my design task. Thanks to Leo, ArtStations CEO I was given enough time to do an extensive research before setting things in motion. If you move in the wrong direction it takes even more energy to go back.[/fancy-ul][divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”30″][fancy-ul icon_type=”standard_dash” color=”Extra-Color-3″]


With most references I was deliberately going outside the scope of preexisting awards or standard target group. Just following the current trends does not favor the innovation and design process. I was rather looking at manufacturing processes, different ranges of products in search of standards and design qualities they could have in common. All put down in words or visuals, it was a lot of data just to trigger the right emotional response. — Ivan Šantić[/fancy-ul][divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”30″][fancy-ul icon_type=”standard_dash” color=”Extra-Color-3″]


While designing Artstation award I was not specifically contemplating an award itself but rather of an extension of visual identity and brand integrity. Basically what the next-gen award design should represent beyond purely minimalist cubes or figurines representing on the other side of spectrum.[/fancy-ul]

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“ArtStation design DNA shares a lot with triangle. Tetrahedron would be the purest representation of that form in three-dimensional space” — Ivan Šantić

Outer hard frame encapsulates and protects the sacrilege of the soft inner form. Following that philosophy the outer frame is completely enclosed on the side it stands. The introduction of robust cutouts and bevelcut shape element reinforces the distinctive character of the logo itself. These features perfectly align with ArtStation visual identity and on the both time differentiate it from other pyramidal/geometric forms. Award design works as modular system as well. Honorable mention is just one of its many faces. Materials used in that sense are also inverted.[/fancy-ul][divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”30″][fancy-ul icon_type=”font_icon” icon=”icon-ok” color=”Extra-Color-1″ enable_animation=”true”]


There are two basic materials combining three different properties

Frame was perceived as stainless steel material. Anodized aluminium, silver, gold and platinum material colors would still work on the top. The most important quality was contrast of material / color / surface and light.

  • Metal(lic) frame / Glossy shader / Hard material
  • Rubber(ized) body / Matte shader / Soft material
  • Embossed logo / Light shader (Capacitive touch technology) / Emissive material
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7. Open-source tools

Award was designed and developed with Open-source software (Blender)

Open-source is an emerging standard, this really is about community. The spirit of the ArtStation is to foster community-based learning and to celebrate artists’ achievements. We want you to get involved in the community. Upload your work in progress, comment on each other’s work and encourage each other in the spirit of learning and improvement.

The first version of this document was written in Markdown.

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8. Deliverables

We’re very pleased to present to you the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in each of the categories along with the Honourable Mentions.

  • Award design system
  • Key award graphics (website, print)
  • Marketing renders
  • Wallpaper
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9. Credits

As one of the first members of ArtStation community, I am humbled to share this project with you all. Under description “An entertainment design award with industrial design values” this should be the crown jewel of my portfolio. I have shared most of my design process in hope you would also see it as such.

ArtStation Magazine – How we designed the ArtStation Challenge awards
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